The platform is developed by several members organized in a consortium of four scientific teams and an Environmental Research Observatory (ERO): A new team will join the consortium:

These teams have been collaborating on this subject for several years, have published several papers together and are mutually developing parts of the platform. They cover the multidisciplinary aspects of the project: applied mathematics (numerical analysis and numerical algorithms), computer science (high performance computing and scientific software engineering), and geosciences (theoretical modelling and experimental field studies).

The teams communicate through the private projects hydrolab and micas on INRIA Forge (restricted access).


Current Funding

The research teams get fundings from their institutions, INRIA, CNRS, Universities of Rennes 1, Lyon 1, Poitiers and from the French government.
The platform H2OLAb is supported by OSUR (Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Rennes).

The research teams have currently several grants related to the platform:

Previous Funding

The research teams got several national fundings which are now closed: